Solar crisis is imminent, soon to ravage our mother Earth. Global nations unite and built over 10,000 Earth Engines to drive our Planet out of the solar system, seeking a new homeland, with conceted efforts.

Thrilled to collab with The Wandering Earth II, famous sci-fi film adaptation of Liu Cixin's same-name novel, SHARGE is turning key movie props into robust charging devices, with great efforts.

A civilization without people is meaningless.

We infuse energy for a more meaningful civilization.

130W/40W Power Bank

Internet HostKey

Meister [Schlüssel] Kraft, um die Erde zu retten.
Auf Ihrem Desktop.

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Magnetische Batterie


[On-the-Go] Strom bis zum Raum.

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40W Gan Ladegerät


Ist es ein Ladegerät?
Oder ist es die [Mastermind] Ai?

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