Launching Sharge's New Power Bank: The Pouch - Your Portable Lifeline!

Launching Sharge's New Power Bank: The Pouch - Your Portable Lifeline!
Background story

It is easy to find three-in-one products that combine power bank, charger and charging cable in the market, but existing solutions have some flaws:

  1. Multiple components are roughly crammed into a whole, which looks rough and ugly, like a stitched monster.
  2. The built-in charging cable and plug are easily damaged and cannot be replaced once they are broken.

So we thought: Can we find the best balance between appearance and function and find a solution that can solve all existing problems?

We showed our initial proposal to the OnePlus community and received enthusiastic feedback

After several months of co-creation, discussion and improvement, the final product design was born with the joint efforts of the OnePlus Community and the SHARGE team. The community's suggestions on functions, performance and CMF created a truly user-centric power bank that balances premium design and ease of use.

Considering that the cable storage design and the metal texture of the charging head are reminiscent of small bags in daily life, we gave it this name:Pouch Power Bank, designed to show fashion and sophistication while seamlessly integrating into daily life, emphasizing usability and portability.


1.Unique and advanced three-in-one design

The three-in-one mobile power supplies on the market usually have problems such as built-in wires, built-in plugs that are easy to break, cannot be replaced when broken, and ugly appearance and strange stitching.

Pouch maintains a simple, advanced, and easy-to-carry integrated design while keeping the three components of the mobile power supply, charging head, and charging cable modular. Whether as a whole or separated and used separately, the performance is very strong.

※Won the MUSE DesignAward Gold Award.

※Co-created with OnePlus Community, user experience is the center.


2.Extremely portable

The Pouch boasts a slim and lightweight design that easily fits into your pocket or bag without adding bulk. It's perfect for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who needs reliable power at their fingertips.


3.Flexible charging methods

The special three-in-one design can easily meet the charging needs in various scenarios. At the same time, due to the special structure, it can charge up to three devices. It can also charge itself while charging other devices


4.10000mAh High Capacity Battery

Equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, The Pouch can store an incredible amount of electrical energy efficiently. With impressive 10000mAh rating, you can charge multiple devices multiple times.You can also use the plug and wire to charge the pouch itself.


5.Skin-friendly material and compact design

The 55W charging head is compact, half the size of other products with the same performance.

The mobile power supply is ergonomically designed, compact and easy to hold, and small enough to fit in a pocket.

The charging cable is made of smooth and skin-friendly silicone material, 10,000 bend tests, and supports up to 100W.At the same time, The protective cover design at the charging cable connector is not easy to damage.


6. All-round Protection System

Safety is our top priority. That's why we've integrated protection system within The Pouch to safeguard both your devices and the power bank itself from overcharging, overheating, short circuits, other potential risks.



The release of our latest innovation -The Pouch- marks another milestone in delivering reliable portable charging solutions for people on-the-move like yourself.The powerful combination of its compact design,powerful battery capacity,and smart features makes it an essential accessory for all modern-day adventurers.To get hands-on with our latest creation,the link below will take directly take you to our product page:


Don't out on staying powered up wherever life takes you.Order yours today and experience unrivaled portable charging convenience with Sharge.

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