Founded in 2020, SHARGE (formerly Shargeek) is a leading innovator in the power supply industry. Products including Shargeek 100, Starship Seer, and Retro 67 enjoy widespread acclaim for their cutting-edge design. With global user satisfaction over 98%, SHARGE has become the #1 selling brand in the $200 price range for power supply products on Amazon US.
Going forward, SHARGE will keep dedicated to personal & outdoor power solutions, high-power fast charging technology, and other premium & advanced tech products, aiming to be a pioneer on the path to carbon neutrality and sustainable future.

Innovation for Ultimate Performance.

Tech for performance. Performance for efficiency.
Numerous patents owned in power supply technology.
We won’t stop at building new tech.

Unique Design to Express Yourself.

Intuitive design for practical needs.
Exquisite craftsmanship for superb quality.
Even a charging brick is able to show individuality.
We don’t play others. We play the best of ourselves.

Our Journey

Feb. 2020

Our journey began here.
Hello world.

Mar. 2021

The game-changing Shargeek 100W (Storm²) reached over 1 million USD from global crowdfunding platforms.

Sept. 2021

We raised 5 million USD financing from Lightspeed China Partners.

Jan. 2022

We officially entered overseas marketing.
We became #1 selling brand in the $200 price range for power supply products on Amazon US.

Aug. 2022

Capsule Gravity launched on Kickstarter and was backed by 4.1k supporters.

Jul. 2023

SHARGE Disk marked our very first entry in storage solution industry.
Backed by over 5K supporters on global crowdfounding platforms.

Aug. 2023

We are renamed SHARGE!
Shorter, stronger, and more efficient.

SHARGE Shargeek Storm 2 100 Power Bank