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Why Choose A Carbon Fiber Power Bank?

Commonly used in aerospace and military applications,
carbon fiber is renowned for its exceptional strength, lightweight, and resistance to scratches and corrosion.
From this material, we process advanced molding techniques to craft our power bank products,
giving them a refined texture, exceptional durability, and superior portability.

Ultra-Light. Ultra-Slim.

Compared to some conventional 10K mAh power banks,
CarbonBlade is about half the weight and 40% thinner.
Easy to hold, effortless to carry.
Perfect for daily commutes and travel. Fits seamlessly in your pocket or bag.

Effortless. Charging.

All-day Power. Check.

Packed with 20,000mAh / 72Wh to tackle your battery anxiety.
Airline-safe for your every travel.

Reliable. Quality.

Portable. Anywhere.

Shargeek 140 is nearly 50% thinner in size, compared with our Shargeek 100 and Shargeek 170. Only about half a 330ml coke can.

Flat design with only 1lb/0.47kg makes it easy to grip, without making your bags bloated. Compact on the Go.

Upgraded Smart Display.

Smart screen upgraded for better readability with larger fonts and user-friendly UI.

Experience full visibility and control while charging. Master power with just a glance.

All-round Protection. Airline-safe.

Built-in comprehensive protection system ensures Shargeek 140 connected with devices safe and sound.

We adopted a Bayer flame-retardant V0 grade PC shell to further secure safe charging.

Attentive. For You.

Low-current Mode.

Juice up your low-current devices to 100%. Including wireless earbuds, wristbands, smartwatches, etc.

Double Duty.

Charge 2 devices simultaneously. Multi-tasking during commuting and travel.

Pass-through Charging.

Power your devices while being recharged at the same time.

What‘s in the Box.

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