With Style. With Reliability.

Indulge in the allure of an all-black transparent aesthetic.

Experience endurance and safety with 4 advanced Samsung 21700 batteries.

Shargeek 140 is a chic essential for your commuting and travels.

All-Day Power. Lightning Charging.

A whopping 20,000mAh capacity. Reassuringly reliable.

140W total output, and 100W single port output. Remarkably efficient.

Shargeek 140 is chic yet a power beast.

Smaller Size. Portable Anywhere.

Half the size of a coke can, 50% thinner than our classic Shargeek 100, and flat design with only 1 lb/0.47kg.

Shargeek 140 easy to grip, without making your bags bloated.

Compact on the Go.

And So Much more.

Upgraded Smart Display.

Experience enhanced readability with larger fonts and a more user-friendly UI.
Full visibility and mastery of power by a single glance.

Double Duty.

Simultaneously charge two devices.
Ideal for multitasking while commuting, traveling, or in professional settings.

All-Around Protection.

Built-in comprehensive protection system ensures 24/7 all-around safety.

Airline approved with 72Wh.