SHARGE’s Best Power Bank of 2024

SHARGE’s Best Power Bank of 2024

Up until the year 2024, SHARGE has introduced more than 10 models of Power Bank, including Shargeek 100 (formerly Storm²), Shargeek 130 (formerly Storm² Slim), Flow, Starship Seer, Capsule Gravity, ICEMAG, Flow Mini, Internet Hostkey, Space Elevator, and Shargeek 170. These models vary in terms of capacity, power, features, and design aesthetics. So, how can you maximize their utility? We have segmented them based on common usage scenarios of portable chargers in daily life.

The Best Power Bank for Laptop: Shargeek 100

Shargeek 100 stands out as one of SHARGE's most popular power bank to date. It is a versatile and reliable powerhouse equipped with 8 Samsung 18650 lithium-ion batteries, boasting a rated capacity of 25,600mAh (93.5Wh). Featuring a USB-C1 single-port input/output of up to 100W and an adjustable DC port with a maximum output of 75W, it caters to a wide range of devices, including laptops with DC input.The Best Power Bank for Laptop Shargeek 100The device is equipped with a total of four ports: USB-C1 (Max 100W), USB-C2 (Max 30W), USB-A (Max 18W), and DC (Max 75W). While charging your laptop, the USB-C2/USB-A ports can simultaneously charge your mobile phone.

Pass-through charging: When Shargeek 100 has more than 50% battery remaining, it can charge another device while being charged itself.

Its distinctive design is sure to captivate audiences, making it a standout choice for powering laptops on the go.

The Best Power Bank for iPhone: ICEMAG

Unrivaled convenience with the MagSafe Battery Pack: ICEMAG offers the convenience of wireless charging while also allowing for cable charging through the USB-C port. You have the freedom to choose between wired and wireless charging. When you prefer a cable-free experience, wireless charging undoubtedly becomes the best choice for your iPhone. For faster and more stable charging, simply plug in a cable to enjoy 20W charging power.
The Best Power Bank for iPhone ICEMAG
RGB Cooling Fan: When wireless charging is activated, the RGB lights automatically illuminate, earning praise for its eye-catching design. More importantly, the 8,000 RPM cooling fan addresses the issue of overheating during wireless charging. Wireless charging, transmitted through the magnetic induction coil, can cause the power bank to reduce output power due to heat generation. Hence, this active cooling fan plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal performance.

Perfect Capacity and Weight: With a 10,000mAh capacity, it can recharge your iPhone approximately twice, making it suitable for short trips and weekend getaways to keep your iPhone charged. Weighing only 0.5lb (225g), it won't significantly add to the burden of your travels.

The BestPower Bank for Traveling: Shargeek 170

Shargeek 170 boasts a powerful 24,000mAh (86.4Wh) capacity, providing all-day energy. Utilizing electric-vehicle-grade batteries ensures superb performance. With a single port delivering a maximum output of 140W, and three ports simultaneously reaching up to 170W, it offers versatile charging options.The BestPower Bank for Traveling Shargeek 170
Outdoor-Friendly: IP66 Water-resistant design makes it impervious to splashes and humid outdoor conditions. Additionally, the Shargeek 170 comes equipped with a solar charger. Unfold the solar panel during outdoor activities such as hiking or picnics to charge your Shargeek 170 or other electronic devices (solar charger sold separately).
Airline-Safe: Being a portable power source approved for airplane travel is crucial for globetrotters. Shargeek 170's rated capacity of 86.4Wh complies with aviation authorities' safety requirements. Read our articles to learn more about various countries' aviation regulations regarding carrying portable power sources on board.
Intelligent Display Screen: An intuitive smart display provides key information, offering full visibility and control during charging. Easily check the power status with a glance.

The Best Power Bank for Daily Commuting: Flow Mini

Not only is Flow Mini for daily commutes, but it is also the perfect choice for gatherings and shopping, offering the ultimate convenience like a portable battery backup for your phone. It's ready to use at a moment's notice, making it exceptionally convenient.The Best Power Bank for Daily Commuting Flow Mini
Pocket-Sized Convenience: Compact and lightweight, the Flow Mini is just slightly larger than lipstick and lighter than a wallet. Experience the freedom of traveling light without sacrificing charging power.

Optimal Capacity: With a capacity of 5,000mAh, the Flow Mini strikes a perfect balance, ensuring your phone stays charged throughout the day. Bid farewell to concerns about unexpected power outages.

Versatile Connectivity: Interchangeable USB-C/Lightning connectors make the Flow Mini compatible with nearly all smartphones. Effortlessly charge your iPhone, Samsung, and other devices.

Built-in USB-C Cable: Tired of carrying messy cables? The Flow Mini features a built-in USB-C cable that supports both input and output functions. Seamlessly charge the Flow Mini and your phone without the need for extra power cords.

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I would say the icemag is also great for androids with magnetic cases. I use it for my pixel and it works phenomenally. I do notice the powerbank does stay cooler, can’t tell if that is translating to faster charging but it still works great regardless.


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