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What Portable Power Banks are Allowed on Planes?

What Portable Power Banks are Allowed on Planes?

Modern smartphones perform many functions, replacing some other technology. But with the active use of the smartphone, its battery does not last long. For many people, work is associated with the active use of gadgets. Therefore, not so long ago, a portable battery was invented. This device is necessary even for those who use their smartphone little. The battery will be needed when traveling to nature or on a long flight by plane.

How much mAh power bank can be brought on the plane?

According to the rules of the aviation safety departments of various countries, mAh is not an absolute value, it is only used as a reference in some cases, and the value to measure whether it is allowed to carry on the plane is Wh.

There are several rules here:

  1. The maximum rating of the battery allowed to be transported on the plane is 100Wh. 100Wh does not need to be reported to the airline. If the rating is 100Wh-160Wh, it needs to be approved by the airline.
  2. It is not allowed to be carried on the plane if it is greater than 160Wh.It should have a non-erased marking indicating its rating. If the markings are erased, it is almost impossible to prove the power bank's capacity and safety.
  3. The power bank must be charged. It can be taken for testing, and if it is discharged and will not turn on, it can be removed. So if it is decided to carry this device, it must be charged.

So how to get Wh data?

Generally, regular manufacturers will mark it on the fuselage. If there is no mark, it will be calculated according to Ah*5V. In this case, the maximum allowed to carry 20,000mAh on the plane.

There is usually a misunderstanding here. Many people think that the maximum capacity of the battery allowed to be transported on the plane is 20,000mAh. In fact, it is not the case, because some mobile power banks of some manufacturers do not mark the rating Wh, so the airline will use this formula to calculate the rating (Ah x V = Wh ): 20Ah*5V (5V is the default value) = 100Wh. However, the rated voltage (V) and rated capacity (Ah) of different devices are different, so the calculation results are also different. For example, the Shargeek Storm 2 Power Bank capacity is 25,600mAh, but the rated output is 6.4Ah*14.6V=93.5Wh.

Is it Possible to Check in a Power Bank in Luggage?

Almost all airline companies have banned the storage of batteries in the luggage compartment. Carrying in the luggage compartment complicates the control of the battery. If a device is found on a person at the baggage check stage, the passenger will be forced to transfer the device to hand luggage, possibly confiscated. Remember the rules when planning your travels. Knowing the conditions will help save the bank.

In other words, the power bank must be carried on board in carry-on luggage.

The following are the rules of some aviation security departments on carrying power bank on board, you can check the specific information through the following link: 

All in all, in almost all countries/regions, as long as the mobile power rating is within 100Wh, you can take it on the plane in your carry-on luggage, which is in line with aviation safety regulations; if a security officer makes it difficult for you, you can ask him to read the aviation safety departmental regulations.

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Syed waqar haider rizvi

Syed waqar haider rizvi

At iraq airport passengers always have a hard time keeping their power bank with them.
Major airlines should talk for their valued passengers

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