Retro 67

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  • Retro design.
  • Max 67W output.
  • Real-time power display.
  • 3×USB-C outputs.
  • Multiple-device Compatibility.
  • Safety protection.


Set: US Plug
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Sharge Retro 67W GaN Charger

Introducing Retro 67.

Classic Macintosh design returns. With classic digital rain elements from The Matrix.
Retro-futuristic vibe with versatile charging experience.

Sharge Retro 67W GaN Charger

Real-time Power Display.

The screen is not a gimmick. But tells you the real-time output status. With digital rain design.
Check the power with style.

Shargeek 67W GaN Charger

67W All-GaN Fast Charging.

It's fast. Juice up your device at 67W max from each of the single USB-C port.
Smart & efficient power distribution when charging multiple devices at once.

SHARGE laptop power bank 130W 20000mAh

2 Hours

Charges MacBook to 100%

SHARGE power bank for iphone USB-C

30 Minutes

Charges iPhone to 50%

Retro 67W Charger Macintosh-inspired Charger
Shargeek 3 USB-C Multiple Output Charger

Multiple Outputs.

3 USB-C ports. Charges 3 devices at once.

 ● Single-Port Charging: Max 67W
 ● Two-Port Charging: 45W + 20W
 ● Three-Port Charging: 45W (1 port) +15W (2 ports)

Multiple-device Compatibility.

Major fast-charging protocols supported. Such as PD/QC/SCP/FCP etc.

iPhone 14 Pro: 0%-60% (≤ 30 mins)
iPad Pro 2022: 0%-40% (≤ 30 mins)
 ● GoPro: 0%-30% (≤ 30 mins)

Shargeek macbook usb c charger

Safety Protection.

Ensures a fast and safe charging experience.





57 × 39 × 41mm


USB-C × 3

Supported Protocols

PD 3.0, QC 3.0, SCP, FCP, Apple 2.4, etc.


USB-C1/C2/C3: 5V/9V/12V/15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3.35A, PPS 3.3~20V⎓3A
USB-C1+USB-C2: 45W+20W
USB-C1+USB-C3: 45W+20W
USB-C2+USB-C3: 15W
USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-C3: 45W+15W


12 Months


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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Mark Spitzer

Looks great, works great. Feels and looks very well made. Love the product.



Akash Balachandran
The Perfect USB-C charger

As someone who's trialed a lot of various chargers, both low and high power - The Retro 67W may be the absolute best all round charger.
From the size and build quality to the looks, display and 3xUSB-C outlets, I no longer carry multiple chargers with me when I travel and just have this lying about my backpack.
It has been dependable and frustration free. The only minor gripe I have about this is the display - when I plug it in with the adapters, I sometimes am not able to orient it in a way i can see the display. However, I would still buy this charger even without the display just because it has been so useful all round.

After buying this one, I return to Sharge every few months just to check out what new offerings they have and I can't wait for the next variant/ upgrade to this neat charger!


This little thing is a life saver: wherever I plug it, does the job fast and efficiently!
Just a shame that all my plugs are in a weird angle, and I cannot truly enjoy its screen going up while working. 9/10 need better wall plugs

Haziq Azman
Retro 67 charger

Love it , works well. It’s gets hot sometimes! The display is cool that makes it unique other than other charger