It's time. Call us SHARGE!

It's time. Call us SHARGE!

Hi Shargeek fans,

It's time. Call us SHARGE!
Shargeek is now renamed SHARGE. As a leading innovator in the power supply industry, SHARGE will keep dedicated to personal & outdoor power solutions, high-power fast charging technology, and other premium & advanced tech products, aiming to be a pioneer on the path to carbon neutrality and sustainable future. 

Why to SHARGE?

We have decided to rebrand to deliver a more succinct and impactful brand image that represents our values and offerings. It is a change driven by a unified global brand strategy. Shorter, stronger, and more efficient, SHARGE represents what our products deliver.

Don't worry, other than that nothing is changed. Our dedication to impeccable design, trendy lifestyle, and leading tech never wavers.

When to SHARGE?

The rebranding process will begin with updates to global branding and logos across the SHARGE official website, social media platforms, and official website gradually rolling out starting from August 21st, 2023. Over the next six months, offline channel materials will also transition to the SHARGE brand, ensuring a consistent and unified identity across all touchpoints.

As we transit to the new brand name, you may continue to receive products with the previous logo and packaging for a short time, but they still come with the same quality control and the same sales support policy as our new branded ones. Rest assured that content and quality remain unchanged.

What's New?

Something new and exciting is coming up! ICEMAG magnetic power bank is packed with tons of enticing features for you to discover. Check it out and stay tuned here.
We are wholeheartedly grateful for your continuous support. Join us and set sail with SHARGE!


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Love the design

Lakshmi charan

Lakshmi charan


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