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Lightweight & Small

Super small! Ultra light! You could easily slip it into your pocket. Anyone can carry it without burden.

Up to 2TB & 1000MB/s

Small in size and large in capacity, the SHARGE Disk allows you to carry all your important files with you and quickly transfer them to other devices.

Cooling FAN & Write Protection

SHARGE Disk keeps the SSD at a stable operating temperature and quick read/write speed, while keeping the files inside the SSD safe from viruses and illegal deletion hazards.

Multiple-Device Compatibility

With a built-in USB-C male port, you are able to connect phones, cameras, PS5, Steamdeck and other devices without data cables.

Tool Free

No more troublesome screws, just a simple "push" to replace the SSD card!

Better Data Cables

We offer 10Gbps data cables. You can hang it on a keychain or bag. Keeping all the important files in hand has never been easier.