Retro 67

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  • Diseño retro
  • Salida máxima 67W
  • Pantalla de potencia en tiempo real
  • Salidas 3 × USB-C
  • Compatibilidad de dispositivos múltiples
  • Medida de seguridad
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Sharge Retro 67W GaN Charger

Introducción de Retro 67.

El diseño clásico de Macintosh regresa. Con elementos clásicos de lluvia digital de la matriz.
Vibra retro-futuro con experiencia de carga versátil.

Sharge Retro 67W GaN Charger

Pantalla de potencia en tiempo real.

La pantalla no es un truco. Pero te dice el estado de salida en tiempo real. Con diseño de lluvia digital.
Revise la potencia con estilo.

Shargeek 67W GaN Charger

67W All-Gan Charging Fast.

Es rápido. Juice su dispositivo a 67W Max desde cada uno de los puertos USB-C únicos.
Distribución de energía inteligente y eficiente al cargar múltiples dispositivos a la vez.

SHARGE laptop power bank 130W 20000mAh

2 horas

Cobra a MacBook al 100%

SHARGE power bank for iphone USB-C

30 minutos

Cobra iPhone a 50 %

Retro 67W Charger Macintosh-inspired Charger
Shargeek 3 USB-C Multiple Output Charger

Múltiples salidas.

3 puertos USB-C. Carga 3 dispositivos a la vez.

& nbsp ● Cargo de un solo puerto: Max 67W
& nbsp ● Cargo de dos puertos: 45W + 20W
& NBSP ● Cargo de tres puertos: 45W (1 puerto) +15W (2 puertos)

Compatibilidad de dispositivos múltiples.

Los principales protocolos de carga rápida apoyados. Como PD/QC/SCP/FCP, etc.

& nbsp ● iPhone 14 Pro: 0% -60% (≤ 30 minutos)
& nbsp ● iPad Pro 2022: 0% -40% (≤ 30 minutos)
& nbsp ● GoPro: 0% -30% (≤ 30 minutos)

Shargeek macbook usb c charger

Medida de seguridad.

Asegura una experiencia de carga rápida y segura.





57 × 39 × 41 mm


USB-C × 3

Protocolos compatibles

PD 3.0, QC 3.0, SCP, FCP, Apple 2.4, etc.


USB-C1/C2/C3: 5V/9V/12V/15V⎓3A, 20V⎓3.35A, PPS 3.3 ~ 20V⎓3A
USB-C1+USB-C2: 45W+20W
USB-C1+USB-C3: 45W+20W
USB-C2+USB-C3: 15W
USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-C3: 45W+15W


12 meses

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Mark Spitzer

Looks great, works great. Feels and looks very well made. Love the product.



Akash Balachandran
The Perfect USB-C charger

As someone who's trialed a lot of various chargers, both low and high power - The Retro 67W may be the absolute best all round charger.
From the size and build quality to the looks, display and 3xUSB-C outlets, I no longer carry multiple chargers with me when I travel and just have this lying about my backpack.
It has been dependable and frustration free. The only minor gripe I have about this is the display - when I plug it in with the adapters, I sometimes am not able to orient it in a way i can see the display. However, I would still buy this charger even without the display just because it has been so useful all round.

After buying this one, I return to Sharge every few months just to check out what new offerings they have and I can't wait for the next variant/ upgrade to this neat charger!


This little thing is a life saver: wherever I plug it, does the job fast and efficiently!
Just a shame that all my plugs are in a weird angle, and I cannot truly enjoy its screen going up while working. 9/10 need better wall plugs

Haziq Azman
Retro 67 charger

Love it , works well. It’s gets hot sometimes! The display is cool that makes it unique other than other charger